May 072008

This cute little kitten was hurt in last nights storm.  The storm was so bad at my parents that stuff was blown all over the place.  The trash can was blown in front of the door, a heavy wooden board was picked up by the wind and flung across the yard, among countless other things.  We live about 30 miles north of my parents.  While it was windy here and the rain was coming down so hard and fast it was coming in our back door, I don’t think it was quite as bad here.

Cute kitten

It’s impossible to guess what actually happened, but the kitten was fine yesterday, then today she just laid there.  She had extensive head and neck damage and the Vet gave her a very low chance to live, so they had her put to sleep.

Poor girl.  🙁  She had a cute personality and was one of four kittens my parents have been taken care of.  Their mother got a kidney infection not long after she had them, so she wasn’t up to mothering for quite awhile.  Her infection was so bad that they had to take her back to the vet twice.  The first round of antibiotics just wasn’t doing it for her.  She finally started eating again just a couple of days ago.

Seems like it’s one thing after another in kitty world.  Last year, it was our cats and this year it’s theirs.

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