Jul 012008

Have you ever gotten up in the morning, blinked, then realized it was time for bed and wondered where in the heck your day went? That’s pretty much been my existence for the last month. Wow… I didn’t realize it had been so long since I posted.

The big project I’ve been working on is almost done. Everything in both my professional and personal life quadrupled in June as well. While expressing to my mother that I’d be glad when everything was finished, caught up, slowed down so I could work on three other projects that I’ve been dying to tackle, she said something that caused me pause. She said, “You may find that you never quite have the time to do everything you want to do.”

While she was talking about podcasting, writing, and some crafting that I’ve been wanting to do, I ran with the thought and applied it more generally to life itself. What about all those things I want to do before I die? How many of our childhood dreams do we really have to give up? Are people that live their dreams really as rare as they seem to be?

Which, of course, gave me an idea for a story…

Sometimes I love the way my brain works. Instead of getting depressed about all the things I haven’t done in my life, I turn it into a story idea.

I still want to start podcasting. My next big time sink after June isn’t until November-December, so I’m really hoping I can get things rolling in the next few weeks. I’ve been recording here and there, trying to clean up the sound from my crappy mic until I can finally get my new one, but sound isn’t exactly my strong point. I know it’s going to sound like crap at first, but I know it’s not possible to make it sound like I want it to from the beginning, so I’m ok with that. I’ll work on it, I’ll get better… I just need to get started. I have people waiting on me and people that have already given up on me. Unfortunately, the family and the business have to come first and that will always be the case.

I just have to find time, cut off it’s wings, and tack it to the wall so it will stop flying away from me.

Are people not getting my emails recently or is there an “ignore Kryson” mandate out there? Six people, two friends and four I was hoping to become friends with, haven’t answered multiple emails and/or Tweets. It’s weird since most of them don’t know each other, so I’m wondering if it’s my server, but I don’t see how it could be. Family and customers seem to be getting my emails just fine. Odd. Maybe I just annoyed everyone at the same time?

Tater post…

Yeah, I know I’ve been promising it for awhile now. I know there’s at least one interested person since I got an email asking when I was going to post it, so… I’m staying up uber late and posting it tonight! It will be the next post for sure this time! Sorry about that.

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