Nov 292009

I just finished NanoWriMo 2009. Yea! There were times I wondered if I’d make it, but I did with time to spare! I’ve been trying to think of ways to reward myself, but I honestly think I’m just going to take a day off and play a game or something. Better idea… get away from the computer for a day and read. I have a book I started ages ago that I’m still not done with and a stack of books on my desk screaming at me to pick them up and dive in. It made finishing Nano tough with all the screaming…

Sorry everything has been Twitter updates for the entire month, but I was hoping the Tweets would tell the tale of Nano and the busy, crazy month November turned out to be.

So what’s next? I haven’t decided yet. I have a new project I’ve been burning to get started on for a couple of weeks now. I have several people expecting me to podcast after this Nano, which means lots of editing and rewriting of my Nano project. I have other obligations I need to catch up on as well.

I’m going to take a day off and start in on the blog again next week. I plan on writing more about Nano this year, what it did for me, and what the future holds. I have several other projects I’m hoping to launch very soon as well, so I’ll be keeping busy.

I’d like to thank @Mornaric and @greyfane for the support during Nano. Both have been long time friends and I’m glad they joined me in the craziness.

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Always looking for more work, Christy is currently editing her first book, finishing her second, blogging, guest blogging and making a nuisance of herself.
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