Dec 142009

I don’t do a good job of following the accepted code of conduct for social media. I’m not sure I even know what the accepted code is. However, I have found something that really annoys me. If you’re reading this, you’re a friend of mine on any social media platform and you do this, please remember that the only reason this annoys me as much as it does is because I care.

02-pointless-statusWhat annoys me is when people post a status update or tweet that says something like, “I’m so upset!” or “I can’t believe he did that!” or anything that makes the people that read it believe the poster in some sort of emotional, sometimes physical distress. That isn’t the whole problem though. These people generally disappear for hours or days while concerned followers/friends ask what’s wrong, get worried, start talking to each other… speculating as to what happened. After everyone is generally upset and worried, the poster comes back and either a) says something like “Oh, it was nothing! Thanks for the replies!” or b) never posts on or about that status message or tweet again, leaving people in a kind of worried limbo.

I am not asking for intimate details of your life, but if you have no intention of telling people something to let them know you’re okay then don’t post or at least say, “I can’t talk about it, but I’m really upset today and I need some love from my peeps.” That’s being honest and asking for exactly what you need. Posting some vague message that gets people upset and worried then never explaining, never apologizing for upsetting your followers/friends? It’s just not very nice to those people that do care about you.

If I’ve ever done this myself, I apologize one hundred fold and I will seek to never do it again.

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