Aug 242010
Wide-eyed Daz

I’m going to have to continue week 4 this week. This last week has been full of problems and distractions that have taken me away from completing week 4.

The biggest distraction, blind kitty. We have several inside cats and we adopted some outside cats we felt sorry for when we moved into this house five and a half years ago. We noticed last week that one of the outside cats, an adorable little girl, had cloudy eyes. She looks like she’s blind, but she can actually still see some. Her vision is just extremely distorted. So, we took her to the vet and he gave us some eye drops to put in her eyes. She acts like she’s starting to feel a little better now.

In the meantime, we made her an inside cat and the house is now a tension filled mess. The three cats we already had in the house hate other animals and often each other. Blind kitty throws temper tantrums at the doors trying to get out and wanders around the house crying, which doesn’t help the other cats temperaments. Blind kitty doesn’t like to let anyone sleep either. She either parks herself directly in your face on the bed like she’s trying to sleep on your nose, wanders around the house crying until someone gets up (me, of course), or she disturbs the other cats by walking within 20 feet of them which causes a hissing and growling fest that’s impossible to sleep through.

I realize that part of getting back into things is finding the time regardless of distraction. Blind, cute, evil kitty is impossible to ignore though. She’s so tiny and helpless. She’s less than half the size of the other cats in the house. She’s only slightly larger than kitten size. I did get some done here and there, but most of The Artist’s Way tasks I was supposed to do for the week were moved to the back burner. Besides, I was supposed to not read or watch TV this week and there was no way I could do that. I read up on all the possible things that could be wrong with her eyes and Blind kitty likes to watch TV. She can’t really see anything, just flashing lights and colors, but it keeps her entertained.

So, week 4 will be next week and I’ll try to get all caught up on other posts next week as well. Hopefully, things will die down here a little and hopefully, blind kitty will be able to see a little better.

Here’s a pic of Blind Kitty before her eyes got cloudy:
Blind Kitty

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