Oct 022010

The air was crisp and cool as it filled his nostrils. He glanced around him at the autumn leaves, so perfect their representation. “If I didn’t know this wasn’t real…” Mordin remembered the stories well; the Citadel had once stood upon this land. How he ached to be a part of that time, when civilization was new. The battles they must have fought… the feeling of victory… the sweat of combat. He was but a mere shadow of the great tales of that time. A scientist that longed for the magic lost. Magic, sorcery, powers beyond his comprehension, they were nothing but tales now, fantasies to those like him.

Mordin tended to his hologram generated world. He always found something new in his studies, something he could add to his circuits and programs to make the world around him more real… more authentic. As he reached to open the hidden panel that contained a never ending program used to create a pond complete with fish and plant-life, he found himself staring at his reflection in the water. His skin was slightly grey, his grey eyes slightly sunken into his head. His ears still maintained a small point to them, although others had lost their elven traits. After so many centuries of the races of old breeding outside of their kind, Mordin’s entire cultural had become a mixture of all of them. To Mordin’s eyes, he was bland, dull, without the beauty and luster of his ancestors.

Mordin splashed away his reflection, causing ripples in the water and returned to his task. He inserted a small chip into the panel and stood back to watch his newest creation take shape. A single bud rose slowly from the ground at the edge of the lake. He had programed it to take time to grow, like a real plant would, so he would have to wait to make sure it was exactly what he wanted. He felt a rush of excitement knowing he had added just one more piece to the puzzle.

Mordin stood and slowly walked away. Every day he made the rounds of this ground, making sure that all his creations were still functioning. But this day, something was out of place in his perfect world. Laying on the ground near an ancient willow tree was a completely still woman. A blue-skinned creature that greatly resembled one of the elven races of old. How was that possible? He hadn’t mastered making live beings look and react well enough yet. But how could she be real?

He approached her slowly, gasping in awe at her beautiful blue tinted skin. Kneeling down beside her to examine her further, completely confused, he was too curious to remain cautious. He knew he had to touch her. It was the only way to be sure. His head swimming with possibilities, he extended one shaking hand to touch her face. His heart lept as his fingers lightly brushed her cheek and he jumped backwards, falling on his backside as her yellow eyes snapped open…

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