Oct 092010

Another very old one. Second to the last rhyming poem I ever wrote if I remember correctly.

Bad, bad, bad.

I decided soon after this that free verse was more my style. Still, it’s part of my history and not the worst thing I’ve ever written.

Yes, there’s worse than this. Really. 🙂

Leather into Lace

When love was furthest from my mind,
When life was harsh and unkind,
I found you sitting by my side,
Ready to be again, my guide.
The incredible torrents of the sea
Did sink and almost drown me,
But you were there to drag me out.
You helped me win another bout,
But when I lost internal sight,
There was war and external blight.
You turned away like those before.
I watched you walk slowly to the door.
Afraid I would lose you forever,
I took on my last endeavor.
I gently grasped your hand in mine,
Hoping for it to be a sign.
You smiled and pulled me in tight.
We talked and talked into the night.
Then, you began to understand
That all I needed was a hand.
A hand to guide me into the light,
Out of the shadows of the night.
Someone to praise my humble deeds
Is what this girl sometimes needs,
But at times just a little space
Will turn my leather into lace.
So, when my words become unkind,
I believe that you will find,
Taking simple interest in my life
Will lessen the toil and strife,
And giving me a break sometimes
Turns words from daggers into rhymes.


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