Oct 232010

The last rhyming poem I ever wrote… I think you’ll be able to see why I stopped.

The Dance

Shackled and chained to my own fears
Drowning in the blood and tears
Trapped here by my own grace
Its hard to look you in the face

You words are kind and comforting
But each day I wind up wondering
Is there truth behind the words you say
Or do they carry me to die another day

The shackles and chains grow tighter
I can feel my head getting lighter
Searching desperately for a way out
I wish I was not filled with such doubt

The world around me ceases to exist
As it did when we first kissed
More than anything, I fear the pain ahead
So to this darkness around me I have wed

I cower from the love, the light
To the darkness I hold on tight
I do not wish for you to care
I am not a possession for you to wear

The silver-tongued demon that you are
You words still seem so far
Then, in front of me materializes a key
The key that could potentially set me free

Should I, dare I take the chance
Should I let you lead this dance
The dance of love, of life, and strife
Ending when you shove in the knife

Your words grow more deperate and longing
I begin to feel a sense of belonging
The change in your words makes me realize
The truth I have seen in your eyes

I believe you mean what you say
Your love is true, at least today
I use the key to set myself free
From the self-imposed hell I flee

Hoping that I am not too late
I come to you and face my fate
Although I believe I will be turned away
I decide hear what you have say

My fears resolved and with open arms
I give myself unto your charms
I turn my head downwards in shame
And I notice that you do the same

Unable to hide the love in my eyes
I turn my face upward to the weeping skies
Unbearable is the pain I feel
The skin on my face begins to peel

The face emerging, my true self
Hidden long ago on the back shelf
Love unrestricted, once deeply hidden
I offer to you for what you have given

Will you accept me, I cannot tell
But you have broken me free from hell
Once shackled and chained to my own fears
Now treading above the blood and tears


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