Nov 272010


The world is silent around her
The purple skies weep
As she bites into her skin
Sending needles of pain up her arm

She gnaws at her arm
Tearing away the flesh
And revealing a person
She doesn’t remember

Once drops of desire
Now flow freely
Across the cold, hard ground

She screams in pain
But the world is silent around her
Forgotten, lost
She screams alone


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Nov 202010


She sits alone
In the corner of a dank, dark room
Rocking back and forth on her heels
She sighs, the pain too much to bare

Where are the times of yesterday
When words were pretty swirling colors
That entered her ears and enticed her brain

Where are the times of yesterday
When everything around her was bright

Now the grey walls surround her
Closing her in
Friendship, a distant memory
Words cut like a knife into her skin

Blood drips from her eyes
As she cries
But no one notices
Because she’s invisible


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Poetry – Shame

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Nov 132010

The shame from ages passed
encircles my life
my every thought and deed
Like a demon that cannot
be outrun
It engulfs me
and smothers my spirit
Carrying my shame
hiding it
concealing it from
those that care
I drive everyone away
afraid that someone
will see through my walls
will see my shame
and turn from me in disgust


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Nov 062010

Sitting in the window sill,
my face pressed against the cold, hard glass.
A drop of rain strikes the window
Mirroring a tear.
The two slowly descend.
The tear falls upon his face,
a picture,
The raindrop,
it’s shadow.


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Nov 052010

Server Down

Server Down

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Nov 032010

I’m at 5213 words so far, so I’m right on task. I’m working on getting ahead over the next few days. There will be several days around the holidays that I doubt I’m going to be able to write much, so I’m trying for a decent cushion here at the beginning.

I turned my Twitter updates back to daily since I won’t be posting as often, but might be tweeting a bit more. Last year, updating the blog with tweets during NaNo seemed to work pretty well.

Everything else is on hold for now. If you’re participating in NaNo, I’m Kryson if you’d like to buddy me. Write like the wind everyone and see you at the finish line!

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Nov 012010

Repo! The Genetic Opera is a goth rock opera. If that isn’t enough to make you run out and get it, you may not like this one.

Set in the year 2056, organ failures have become an epidemic. Enter GeneCo, a biotech company, to save the day with organ transplants for those that can pay. Repossession of organs becomes legal and if you fall behind on your payments, a repo man will come to repossess your organs. Organs replacements become a fashion statement and people become increasingly addicted to a painkiller called Zydrate.

When I first saw the trailer for Repo! The Genetic Opera, I was intrigued but hesitant. As I started watching it for the first time, I cringed. The songs were a bit repetitive, as songs often are, and I feared the entire show would be nothing more than an over the top music video with very little if any plot.

Without spoiling the entire movie, the plot is more in-depth than I expected. Sarah Brightman (Christine in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera) was a surprise as The Voice of GeneCo, Blind Mag. Sarah Brightman, Anthony Stewart Head, and Alexa Vega have incredible voices and were a pleasure to watch and listen to. Anthony Stewart Head put so much passion into the part that I really believed his plight.

This was was my first time encountering Anthony Stewart Head. I was instantly enchanted. Repo! The Genetic Opera is what spurred me to give the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV Series a chance. The bugging from my daughter was the clincher, of course. I had actually seen Head in Taster’s Choice commercials long ago, but I didn’t know that until recently.

The children of GenoCo are another story. The audience was supposed to hate them, and I did hate them. Sometimes listening to them was like fingernails on a chalkboard followed by repeated stabbings in the ear by a dull knife. However, I think this is actually a compliment to the actors that played the sons, Nivek Ogre and Bill Moseley. I found Paris Hilton’s role as the daughter less offensive than the two sons. I know I’m in the minority here, but I didn’t think she was that horrible. The part, a spoil rich brat, was made for her.

Repo! The Genetic Opera has been dubbed a cult classic in some circles and the worst movie ever made in others. I’m in the cult classic camp. I’ve seen Repo! The Genetic Opera multiple times, the songs get stuck in my head, and I often find myself imagining what else could be done with the setting.

Repo! The Genetic Opera isn’t for everyone, but it has it’s place and it’s following. If you like musicals, rock opera, and horror give Repo! The Genetic Opera a try.

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