Cookie Month

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Sep 012011

I don’t know about you, but I love having many kinds of cookies to choose from around the holidays. I don’t always have the time or let’s face it, the willpower to cook many different kinds. That’s where cookie exchange parties come in. Everyone makes two dozen (or whatever the party asks for) of one kind of cookie and trades with everyone at the party, so everyone goes home with lots of different kinds of cookies. It’s brilliant!

While we can’t really do that here, we can trade cookie recipes. That way, if you’re planning on going to a cookie exchange over the holidays, you have plenty of recipes to choose from to make sure you aren’t bringing the same thing as someone else.

I know it’s September and cookie exchange parties won’t be happening for several months, but… I was hungry for cookies!

So… bring on the sugar! Let’s bake! Me want cooooooooooooooooookie!

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