Jun 302013

Shadow of the past!

A wizard sacrificed himself to preserve the secrets of magic. Centuries later, the survival of magic is again in question. The key is a young lord whose heritage is tied to the tuatha dundarael, faerie folk who practice powerful earth magic. These secrets are the weapons that Guerrand and Bram DiThon will wield in defending their Art against an old, scarred enemy.

For Lyim, Guerrand’s former friend and now renegade wizard, seeks to destroy the magic that he believes has forsaken him. The final battle will rage across the universe.

The Seventh Sentinel is the final volume of the Defenders of Magic Trilogy, a series by Dragonlance saga author Mary Kirchoff that explores the secrets of sorcery in the world of Krynn.

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Jun 252013

Between Earth and Sky!

The name Guerrand DiThon has been cursed by his family since the day he disappeared. When a mysterious plague strikes their beleaguered village, Guerrand’s name is invoked again — as the cause of the disaster.

Bram DiThon, Guerrand’s nephew, is more like his uncle than the family would care to admit. A skilled herbalist, Bram has unknowingly turned his skills toward magic. It is to Bram the villagers turn when the plague changes their eyes to onyx, their limbs to snakes, and their flesh to stone.

Unable to stop the unexplainable deaths, Bram sets out to find his missing uncle. He learns that Guerrand is the High Defender of Bastion, the last stronghold before the Lost Citadel. But in finding him, Bram has unwittingly given an evil mage — once Guerrand’s friend, now his archenemy — the key to destroy the three orders of sorcery.

The Medusa Plague is the second in the Defenders of Magic Trilogy, a series by Dragonlance saga author Mary Kirchoff that will explore for the first time many of the secrets of sorcery in the world of Krynn.

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Move Successful

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Jun 212013

I’ve ironed out most of the wrinkles caused by the move and everything seems to be in working order. I still have more sites to move, but things are slowly coming back up. I’m hoping to have everything moved next week.

If you encounter any problems, please let me know asap so I can squash any remaining bugs.

Thanks for your patience.

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Server Issues

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Jun 122013

Site updates have been slow to nonexistent recently due to server issues. Pages have been taking minutes to load and 505 errors have plagued my sites. After talking to my host several times, I found out that I’m on an old server and the only way to fix the problem is to buy new hosting and manually move everything.


I have no idea how long my sites will be in flux or how long it will take me to get everything functioning again, but I’m determined to get my sites back up to speed. I do know this is going to take some serious time, so updates will be lacking.

I’ll be back as soon as I can!

EDIT: I can’t spell. Sheesh!

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Jun 092013

Magic at its peak!

It will soon be the Night of the Eye, a rare time when all three moons align in high sanction over the lands of Krynn. On the eve of Guerrand DiThon’s political marriage to a rival family, the young noble is visited by a strange, powerful mage who knows more about him than he does himself. Seduced by promises of wizardly might, Guerrand slips away beneath the triple moons and journeys for the Tower of Wayreth.

No one thinks he will survive the deadly trek to the tower, but he does. It’s only then that Guerrand realizes that he has made many enemies in his journey. One of these foes would not only see Guerrand dead, but the three orders of sorcery destroyed with him.

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