My Last Day

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Nov 072013
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If you knew you wouldn’t be here tomorrow; what would you do today?

I thought a lot about this question and what the “right” answer would be. Throw a death day party was at the top of the list along with finally visit Scotland, but there was something else at the back of my mind that I really wanted to do.

Assuming that I knew well enough in advance when my last day was going to be so I had time to tell everyone I loved them, gave away my possessions that my husband wouldn’t have any use for, and all of the other “end of life” things we all want to do but often don’t have the chance, I’d do something somewhat selfish with my last day on Earth.

maine-(1)The day before my husband and I would fly to Maine and spend the night in a cozy bed and breakfast. I’ve seen pictures of Maine in the fall and I’ve always wanted to go. The beautiful hues of the changing trees, the crystal clear waters, the crisp, salty air. It looks like a nature photographers dream. Hopefully I’d have a chance to post one last blog post with all the amazing sights I’d see on my last day.

maine-(4)We’d have to walk on the beaches of course and I’d want to eat some fresh seafood. I’m a fiend for seafood and it’s difficult to get good seafood where I live. I haven’t seen the ocean since before my teens, so I would be nice to hear the waves crash one more time and to feel the sand between my toes. Maybe I’d be able to pick up a pretty shell or two to add to the collection I started when I was a kid. Then I’d have shells from both coasts.

maine-(2)We couldn’t go to Maine without seeing a lighthouse!

I blame Stephen King for my wish to see Maine. After reading so many of his books set in fictional towns in Maine, my desire to actually see it for myself has grown exponentially. ¬†While we were there, I’d have to see if we could catch him out at the movies and shake the man’s hand. Thank him for years of entertainment.

No real goals for the trip other than wandering around and seeing whatever sites we happened upon. It’s more enjoyable without a detailed plan sometimes and it’s easier to miss the little things if you’re on a tight schedule.

Maybe when we returned there would still be time for a short death day party, but I would want to make sure to get back in time to say one last goodbye to my family and friends.

This isn’t the answer I expected to have, but I’m not as altruistic as I often wish I was.

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