Nov 192013

This hand woven right angle weave bracelet was created using jet black crystals embellished with bronze crystals and hematite seed beads on strong fireline. The look is dark, but dainty. While not necessarily a steampunk piece, it was made with steampunk in mind.

The toggle clasp is fashionable and easier to fasten than most locking clasps.

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Nov 192013

Apparently, comments were only fixed for Chrome users. IE and Firefox user comments are still poofing.

I’m at a complete and utter loss on this issue.

I’m going to try to get back in touch with support tomorrow and see if I can get the problem fixed for good. If anyone out there has successfully fixed this issue and can lend me a hand, please let me know.

Commenting through Facebook, Twitter, or while using Chrome all work, at least on my end.

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