Apr 102014

Back in November of 2013, I was challenged to finish a book I started ages ago. In a rare move, I even made a New Years Resolution to finish it. So far, I’ve been silent about the whole thing, but I was reminded recently that in my New Years Resolution post, I stated that accountability would start then.

When I reread what I had already written, I cursed myself again for agreeing to this challenge. Not really, but I was concerned that the project would be more daunting than starting something new. I was right.

I don’t remember exactly where I was going with it. I have a rough outline and plot jotted on pieces of paper, but I decided I needed to fill in holes in my memory with a new focus in an attempt to make a richer story. While I read what’s already written, I find it difficult to keep my inner editor in check, but strikethrough is my friend.

The word count will be fluctuating up and down for some time as I construct and deconstruct, but here’s the current word count. You can also find it in the right sidebar under Writing Projects.

Working Title

Although it looks like I’m 2/3 rds of the way done, I’m really not. It feels good when I look at the numbers, but its not that simple. By the time I’m done, I will have basically rewritten everything. So, I’m working on it and while it looks promising, I still have a long way to go.

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