Jun 022014

I’m thoroughly enjoying the Jimmy O’Reilly series so far. I can’t wait to devour this book. Hopefully, there will be a third!

Book two of the Jimmy O’Reilly Mystery Series opens with twenty-seven bodies discovered on a back road near O’Reilly’s small Kansas town of Chisholm. He assumes the authorities will discover who they are and why they were killed. Like many of his assumptions, it is a false one. Instead, O’Reilly himself, is reluctantly pulled into the investigation, only to be immersed in the treacherous dealings of political ambition, human flesh traffickers and the Japanese Mafia. With his wry sense of humor and own flawed perceptions, O’Reilly relies, once again, on his side-kicking Aikido master friend, Laura Bascome, for aid and comfort. Tiresias, his prophetic blind Ornate Box Turtle, is back to offer more insights, clues and mystical visions from O’Reilly’s ancestors and the ancient Irish myths, as is Janie, his teenaged housekeeper. Fast paced and action-packed, yet filled with a sense of place, humor and insightful musings, Fields of Death pushes the reader into the grimy underworld of human flesh, bought, sold, traded and mutilated.

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