Apr 062015

I have always made homemade sloppy joes. But, my hubby made some smoked hamburger. I then needed to use it to make something. I chose my old standby sloppy joes and then made some homemade buns. Yummy!

Smoky Sloppy Joes on Homemade Rolls
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  1. 1 Lb. Smoked Ground Beef (click here for recipe)
  2. KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce (or your favorite)
  3. 1/2 C. Sweet Pickle Relish
  4. Homemade Hamburger Buns
  1. Cook smoked ground beef till done.
  2. Stir in enough BBQ sauce for the consistency you like and pickle relish.
  3. When heated through spoon on hamburger buns and enjoy!
  1. You can substitute cooked hamburger for smoked hamburger. You can substitute store bought buns for homemade. Use your favorite BBQ sauce.
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  1. Man that looks and sounds good!

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