Sep 302015

My husband likes more than a sheet in the summer, but blankets are too much. He was complaining one day about being too hot with the blanket, but not feeling comfortable without it, so I asked him if he wanted me to make him a summer blanket. He gave me an enthusiastic yes, so I set about gathering patterns and yarn.

I made him pick the pattern I was to use. I figured he would know better what would work for him. He decided rather quickly on the Spiders & Cobwebs Throw pattern posted on the Redheart website.

I had some leftover yarn from the blanket I made him several years ago and decided to make the summer throw to match. I was out of the exact green color and no one had it in stock so I opted to leave it out. I also dropped the brown because I wanted to get started right away and I was almost out so I was left with Redheart colors black, claret and fall.

I finished it last year right before the end of summer. I hate working on blankets, even summer blankets, during the summer. It’s too hot! He was so cute about it though, even taking interest in picking the pattern, that I wanted to get it done before he had no use for it anymore. Little did I know he’d use it through the winter, too.


I made the sad choice putting the blanket on top of a similar color to shoot the picture, but I think the design comes through with the solid colors. He seemed to really like it and has used it ever since. In the winter, he piles the blanket I made him and the quilt my mother made him on top. 

Making this pattern and switching colors didn’t work out the way I hoped. I think next time I use this pattern, I’ll stick with one color, no switching. It was a fun pattern and I’m thinking about making myself one soon.

Here’s the blanket I was trying to match…

Hubby's Blanket

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Sep 272015

I’ve been excited about this book for some time, Clive Barker being one of my favorite authors and all, but haven’t managed to remember to pick it up until now. As soon as I opened the box, I started reading.

I noticed right away that the pages looked old and it smelled like an old or used book even though the outside was unblemished. Almost every page had oily-looking blotches on it and the edges of the pages were dark, like the book had spent years in a house full of smokers. I was concerned it might be moldy or something and was about to complain, but I searched the web instead for pictures of the pages of Mister B. Gone.

What I found were images of pages that looked exactly the book I was holding in my hand. Even the oily-looking spots were in the exact same places. So, I don’t know about the old smell, but it seems it’s supposed to look that way. Just a warning for anyone that buys the book and has the same experience. Search google images for Mister B. Gone and you’ll see what I mean.

You hold in your hands not a book at all, but a terrifying embodiment of purest evil. Can you feel the electric tingle in your fingers as you are absorbed by the demon Jakabok’s tale of his unintentional ascent from the depths of the Inferno? Do you sense the cold dread worming its way into your bloodstream, your sinews, the marrow of your bones as you read more deeply into his earthly education and unspeakable acts? The filth you now grasp has been waiting patiently for you for nearly six hundred years. And now, before you are completely in its thrall, you would do well to follow the foul creature’s admonition and destroy this abomination of ink and paper before you turn a single leaf and are lost forever.

You have been warned.

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Sep 252015

I love it when pork shoulder goes on sale because I can finally have me some pork stroganoff!

I looked at this recipe many times before I finally made it. I always thought stroganoff was supposed to be made with beef. That’s the way I always made it and wasn’t sure I would like it with pork. Turns out, I liked it better. Especially with smoked pork shoulder.

Another family favorite thanks to trying something a little different.


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Sep 242015

Fresh from a brief stay at a psych hospital, reporter Camille Preaker faces a troubling assignment: she must return to her tiny hometown to cover the murders of two preteen girls. For years, Camille has hardly spoken to her neurotic, hypochondriac mother or to the half-sister she barely knows: a beautiful thirteen-year-old with an eerie grip on the town. Now, installed in her old bedroom in her family’s Victorian mansion, Camille finds herself identifying with the young victims—a bit too strongly. Dogged by her own demons, she must unravel the psychological puzzle of her own past if she wants to get the story—and survive this homecoming.

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Baby Quilt

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Sep 212015

My mom made this quilt in 1992 for my daughter and now she’s using it for her son. I think she even used it for her dolls until she grew out of playing with dolls.

1992 was before we all had digital cameras, so none of us thought to take a picture of it. While my daughter was over with our grandson she happened to have it with her, so I snagged a picture.

I believe this was the first baby quilt Mom made. Countless washes and 23 years later, it’s still in fantastic shape. It was loved, cared for and gently packed away until it was needed again.


You can’t see the baby feet in the picture, so I saved out a section of the quilt and enhanced it so the baby feet are more visible. It did some funky things with the other fabrics, but you can see the baby feet now! They’re so cute!


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Toffee Bars

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Sep 182015

I love toffee, so I was excited when I ran across this gem hidden in one of my old recipe card boxes.

I’m currently the only one that will eat sweets, so I held off until Christmas and gave away most of bars so I wouldn’t eat the whole thing myself. I’m pretty good at freezing leftovers and eating sweets sparsely, but I wasn’t sure I would be able to help myself with toffee.

I only covered half with nuts so everyone could try it. I decided on pecans and I think they complimented the toffee bars well.

Toffee Bars

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Sep 152015

We’ve hit cooler weather a few times over the last few weeks and chili is starting to sound good. I was looking for something a little different when I ran across a recipe for Slow Cooker Salsa Chili. I love salsa, so I thought salsa chili in the crock pot sounded like a wonderful idea. I added a few tweaks of my own and this is what I came up with.

Mild, with a little spice to it, this chili worked for everyone. Not everyone likes hot chili like I do.


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Sep 112015

Very easy!

When I need a side dish that goes together fast so I can concentrate on the rest of a large meal, this is one of the first recipes that springs to mind. I’ve made it for large potluck gatherings as well and there’s rarely any left.

My family loves it and it freezes well, so it’s one of my favorite go-to sides for large meals, holiday meals and other gatherings.

Slow Cooker Green Beans with Bacon

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