Zucchini Pasta

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Oct 122015

Several years ago, our doctor placed us on a low GI (glycemic index) diet. Strangely enough, I had just been researching GI and GL (glycemic load) so I already knew what he was talking about. I felt like a smarty pants! Hur, hur!

One of my biggest hurdles was pasta. I didn’t think I could live a life without pasta. I didn’t know about Dreamfields Pasta in the beginning, so I started looking for alternatives. With all the cost of some of the alternative choices, I decided to give zucchini pasta a reluctant try.

While zucchini pasta doesn’t taste like pasta and isn’t exactly the same texture as pasta, I found it worked beautifully as replacement in some dishes. I just didn’t think if it as a pasta dish anymore, but a new concoction. Spaghetti made with zucchini pasta is really good. It’s especially good when you add plenty of veggies like fresh mushrooms, peppers and onions. I tried calling it Zughetti, but it didn’t catch on.

So, if you’re looking to eat low GI or just healthier, give zucchini pasta a try. We found it works well with some things and not others. I think we tended to like it better with tomato sauces and we use Dreamfields for everything else.


I didn’t take pictures last time I made zucchini pasta, but I took pictures of the zucchini before I made them into pasta. Not sure why. I’ll try to remember to take pictures next time.

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