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Nov 302015

It’s the last day of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and I almost forgot to post! I would have been pretty miffed if I posted all month only to fail on the last day.

I feel like I was lazier this year than last. While editing pictures and posting recipes don’t happen instantly, I posted very few personal posts this year. I think a lot of the prompts were just a bit too personal or would have taken too much time away from NaNoWriMo.

I’d rather do NaBloPoMo during a different month, but I think of November as “writing month” so I wind up doing both at once. I’m not sure which month would be better for me, but I’m going to see if I can make myself participate during some other month next year. 

As always, it has been a good experience for me. Forcing myself to dedicate time to doing something every day for both NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo proves that I can still do it. 

Now, it’s time to get back to work on my novel! Thanks for joining me for NaBloPoMo and I hope you stick around to see what happens next.

~Christy (Kryson)

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Nov 292015

Progression of a picture

My father took this picture of a field of sunflowers near my parents farm. I always loved this picture, but the sky was very boring and the colors were muted, so I decided to try to fix it.

Sunflower Field Original

I added a blue sky from another picture. I would have posted that picture as well, but I can’t remember which one I used. I also intensified the color of the sunflowers some, but not so much that it took on a fake look.

Sunflower Field Color & Sky Edit

Snowbell is a very energetic kitty and taking pictures of her was actually more difficult than editing the pictures themselves. I chased her all over the house with the camera. When she wasn’t running away from me or turning away from the camera, she was trying to get me to pay attention to her by rubbing up against the camera almost knocking it out of my hands. While she was in front of the window, she finally stood still for me long enough to take a couple of pictures.

Needless to say, I have a lot of pictures of a cat tail in case I ever need them for something. Not sure why I kept them.

Snowbell Original Photo

This is the finished product. I removed the screen from behind Snowbell to replace it with the sunflowers. I also made Snowbell a little brighter. She is a very white cat, which I didn’t think came across in the original picture. I thought about adding the screen back in, but I couldn’t get it to look right.  The perspective is off and it’s not wonderful, but I learned a lot about the process. I’m hoping to get better with time and practice.

Snowbell Sunflowers

The finished product appeared in a calendar all about Snowbell for the month of August.

Reposted for the Weekly Photo Challenge – Transition

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Central Conflict

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Nov 282015

In school, we learned about three kinds of conflict in a novel; man vs. self, man vs. man and man vs. nature. I remember trying to stump my English teacher by listing books that didn’t fall into these three descriptions. She always managed to explain why said book fit into one of these three, but I didn’t always agree with her.

I find identifying the central conflict helps to keep my novel on track. My characters have a tendency to run away with the central conflict and turn it into man vs. self or man vs. man if I let them wander too far afield.

There’s another not listed but I’ve seen listed other places, person vs. fate. This is where a character is compelled to follow his or her destiny or fate. While many person vs. fate books also fall under person vs. man or another category, it is a popular conflict and I think it’s worth noting.

The list below asks, “What types of novel do you enjoy reading?” While I’ve read and enjoyed novels of each type, I’d have to say that person vs. self, person vs. the paranormal and person vs. society are my favorites.

central conflict

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Nov 262015

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for all of you reading this right now. Thank you for your support or just for simply reading my blather. 🙂 I appreciate it.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to a big piece of this today…

Image from PhotoXpress

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Lay & Lie

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Nov 252015

I used to listen to a lot of podcasts and Grammar Girl was one of my favorites. In 2009, she covered Lay vs. Lie and I developed a problem where I didn’t think I had one before. Every time I used the past tense or past participle of lay or lie, it never sounded correct.

I started second guessing myself, so I went to the Grammar Girl website and snagged this little graphic to help.

Lay vs. Lie

Grammar Girl is a wonderful podcast. She provides short, useful tips to help improve your writing. If the battery in my iPod wasn’t malfunctioning from age and overuse, I’d still be listening.

Her most recent tip was about formatting internal dialog, which was helpful and informative.

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NaNoWriMo 2015

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Nov 242015

Did you think I forgot to post today? I’m later than usual because I was waiting to make the announcement that I finished NaNo! The book isn’t finished, as always, but getting 50K words down is a significant milestone. 

Thank you to the wonderful people that encouraged me again this year. You helped me hang in there when I was slogging along. And thanks again to Mike Dovers for the amazing cover!

No stopping now. I’m back to the grindstone tomorrow, but for today… I’m going to cheer a little.



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NaNo Update 2015

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Nov 222015

Just a short update today…

As I type this, I’m 6,689 words from finishing NaNo. As long as I keep up my word count, I should finish before Thanksgiving. I haven’t been feeling well the last couple of days, but I’m pushing through.

The novel won’t be done at 50,000, but I’m hoping to finish it by the end of the month. Here’s my stat page if you want to see the nifty little graph of my progress:  

I love NaNoWriMo. NaNo helps keep me on task. Even when I don’t feel well, I write anyway. Thanks, NaNo.

Congrats to all the WriMo’s who have already finished! 

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