Nov 242015

Did you think I forgot to post today? I’m later than usual because I was waiting to make the announcement that I finished NaNo! The book isn’t finished, as always, but getting 50K words down is a significant milestone. 

Thank you to the wonderful people that encouraged me again this year. You helped me hang in there when I was slogging along. And thanks again to Mike Dovers for the amazing cover!

No stopping now. I’m back to the grindstone tomorrow, but for today… I’m going to cheer a little.



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Christy is a writer, crafter, amateur photographer and enjoys sharing recipes. She also loves pushing buttons in Photoshop until her pictures magically look better.

Always looking for more work, Christy is currently editing her first book, finishing her second, blogging, guest blogging and making a nuisance of herself.

  6 Responses to “NaNoWriMo 2015”

  1. Congrats! Still waiting to read the first one!

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