Soda Cake

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Apr 182016

I’ve been seeing people posting about soda cakes, how moist and delicious they are. The idea is, you ignore all the ingredients on the back of the box of cake mix and replace them all with a can of soda (pop). Many, many posts from people using different cake mixes, different flavors of soda (pop) and even using diet soda. All positive. I haven’t seen anyone posting a bad experience one. The worst I saw was someone called it a “cheap” cake and that from scratch is better.

I guess that makes me the exception. I decided to try devil’s food cake mix with diet black cherry soda. I also found a recipe for frosting that used soda in the recipe. I figured that I’d wind up with a cherry chocolate tasting cake and a vanilla frosting with a hint of cherry flavor.

Devil's Food Black Cherry Soda Cake

Sadly, this wasn’t the case. The cake had no cherry flavor. It also didn’t rise correctly and didn’t hold together well. It was moist but crumbled into pieces. And the frosting also had no cherry flavor, but it was a little pink in color. It tasted like eating a spoon full of powdered sugar. 

I’m not sure why my experience was so much different. The directions are pretty clear. Just mix together the cake mix and soda, then bake. Maybe it would have been better if I hadn’t used a diet soda even though I saw countless people that said it worked for them. Maybe my cake mix was too old. Maybe I did something else wrong, I don’t know. I really wanted it to be good.

If you’d like to try it yourself, maybe you’ll figure out what I did wrong, here’s some ideas for cake and soda combinations.

Soda Cakes


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