Obsolete Words

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Jun 012016

Words fall out of use all the time for a variety of reasons. Sometimes those dead, unused or obsolete words explained something in one word that we now use several to express. Some of those words I’d love to see resurrected. Other obsolete words are just fun to say!

I think I’d like to add a few words to the list below and maybe even adjust a few of the meanings. Like…

Jargogle – to confuse
A jarring confusion maybe?

Elflock – hair tangled by elves
It happens! Or maybe it’s Gremlins. Gremlock?
Apparently, gremlock is already a word with several meanings. Save yourself and don’t look up the urban meaning. I’m giving up on this one.

Twitter-light – twilight
I think twitter-light should have a new meaning. Maybe “the flickering light cast by your computer while on Twitter” or something. I’m reaching, I know.

Frigorific – producing or causing cold
It’s fun to say!

Resistentialism – inanimate objects that exhibit malevolent behavior

Curmuring – rumbling sound from the bowels
I think we need a word for this. It sounds better than spelling it out.

Gorgonize – to have a paralyzing effect
Makes me wonder how many people know what a gorgon is these days.

Gramercy – expression of gratitude or surprise
How about “a reprieve from the grammar nazis?”

Twattle – gossip
I’ve heard this word used meaning “nonsense.”

Apricity – Warming sun on a cold, winter day

obsolete words

I don’t know about blatteroon. It causes a mental image of a person’s bladder blowing up like a balloon. For me anyway. Probably for you too now. You’re welcome.

I think there should be a new word to replace potvaliant. Potvaliant sounds like bravery as the result of… something else. I can’t think of anything that would cover drink as a whole. What do you think?

Satisdiction sounds more like “satisfied with the choice of words in a speech or piece of writing.”

Wouldn’t yestreen be great to use when you’re limited to a certain number of characters? Like on Twitter.

Any words you’d like to see make a comeback or change the meaning of? Let me know in the comments!

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  8 Responses to “Obsolete Words”

  1. I always thought gossip=nonsense anyway.

  2. Oh and jargogle = confusing jargon?

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