May 132014

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Our Lovely Handcrafted Bracelets
& Bracelet/Earring Sets

These beautifully hand-woven bracelets are created using crystal rondelle, crackle glass, bicone, or two faceted round beads embellished with seed beads on strong fireline. The colors range from clear, green to even black. There is a color that will please everyone. These bracelets are comfortable to wear and many come with coordinating earrings.

Jewelry is always a great gift for the lady in your life whether it is Mom, wife, girlfriend or daughter.

More colors available! Check out Countrysidewalk today!


May 122014

Countrysidewalk Trading Post, the company currently selling my jewelry, is closing on June 30th, 2014. The website will be up for a few months while they clear out inventory, so make sure to check out the sales before they’re gone!

Right now…

Shop, Spend & Save

Shop in our Apparel and Greeting Card Assortment section.
Spend $25 or more
Get One t-shirt or greeting card assortment Free

Use Coupon Code: JUN30
During Checkout

CountrySidewalk Trading Post carries:

Firearms (Handguns, rifles, shotguns and milsurps)
Firearm Accessories
Apparel (T-shirts and Hats)
Greeting Cards, List Pads, Note Pads, Coffee Mugs
Decals, Magnets and Road Signs
And much more

Sep 202011


Just in time for Halloween, we’re currently adding one of our top-selling images on CafePress to Zazzle. We’ve recently received several requests to add this image to Zazzle products and we are more than happy to oblige. If your request was for a certain product and we haven’t added it yet, please let us know.

Thank you for your interest. We appreciate the feedback and the opportunity to make our customers happy! Feel free to send us comments and requests any time.

We will also be adding this image to new products on CafePress momentarily for even more choices.

Sep 192011

Cuttings from a flowering Camellia Japonica bush
I was cutting the bush back as it was intruding on the walkway and when I looked down at the pile I’d made on the concrete, this is what I saw.  I just had to take a picture.  The flowers are pretty, but the bush loves to spread all over the place.  I loathe cutting it while it’s blooming, but sometimes it has to be done or become a trip hazard.
Products made from a picture of a single flower from the bush are also offered here on CafePress.
For more products with this image, check out the Cuttings page on CafePress.
This image is also featured on a few products at Zazzle with more to come, so make sure to check back.
Remember, you can always drop us a line or comment to request customizations or custom products.

Jul 012011

I solo’ed a dragon!  I dove off the high-dive from a handstand! He took his first step at one month!  I jumped the Grand Canyon on a skateboard!

Yeah, right.  Screenshot or it didn’t happen!

You know those people who always boast about the impossible things they’ve done.  Tell ’em you need proof!  Tell them to provide a screenshot or it didn’t happen!

Look cool without breaking the bank. Our durable, high-quality, pre-shrunk 100% cotton t-shirt is what to wear when you want to go comfortably casual. Preshrunk, durable and guaranteed.

For more information and to check out all the products available with this design, head to CafePress!

Jun 242011

My Baby Dark Tortoisehell in 2005This is the sister of the Tortiseshell Calico posted earlier.  Unlike her sister, she’s doing well and is as feisty as ever.  She’s a beautiful kitty with very expressive eyes and vocal cords.

She tries to talk constantly, but we can rarely make out what she’s saying.  No, now, me, food, here, bed, and look seem to be the extent of her understandable vocabulary.  If she isn’t understood, she gets louder and louder until we follow her.  Most of the time, she leads us into the bathroom.  We haven’t figured that one out yet.

Product Information
Add stylish fun to any room with our roomy Throw Pillow. It measures a sprawling 18″ X 18″ with an 11″ X 11″ image area so you can lounge in comfort. It’s made of ultra-soft brushed twill with a sturdy canvas image area. Ships with pillow insert. Removable zippered cover for easy laundering.

For more products with this image, visit the Dark Tortiseshell Calico page on CafePress.

Jun 162011

Tortoiseshell Calico

Tortoiseshell Calico


This adorable Tortoiseshell Calico looks like she’s begging to go home with you. Featured on t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, and so much more, there’s a variety of ways you can take her home today.


Sadly, this beautiful kitty passed away earlier this year. She was a sweet cat and is greatly missed.


Customization and modification requests accepted.

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