Nov 022016

Anything to stop me from typing, Underfoot pulled out all the cute. He started by peeking over the laptop and staring at me with sad, doe eyes. Then, he crept around the side of the laptop, climbed up my chest and planted himself in front of my face. He succeeded in stopping the tap-tap of the keys that time. It’s hard to do anything except laugh when you have a cat in your face.

After I made him get off my chest, he jumped up on the cat jungle gym behind me so he could step off it and onto the back of the chair. It took him several minutes to climb down the side of the chair, doing something I think he believed was stealth, to the arm where he plopped down, pushed my arm out of the way and put his pouty face on the edge of the laptop.

Poor baby, but I still managed to finish day one!

Underfoot Unhappy About NaNo

Oct 312016

We were visited by two of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles today! I gave Zander a glow stick and he called it a lightsaber, so I guess Raphael carries a lightsaber now. Bah, I should have given him another one so he could carry one in each hand like Raph and his sai. Oops.

He kept showing me the “lightsaber” in the pictures, so I have about ten pictures with the glow stick in front of his face or right in front of the lens.

Alistair was so cute in his Michelangelo outfit!

They’re so adorable and it was a fantastic 18th-anniversary present to see them all dressed up.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Oct 172016

While we were out buying baby clothes and toys, we also bought Mister Underfoot some new baby toys. He has a plethora of balls and mice and things that squeak and jingle and tickle, so we decided to get something a little different. And since he plays with our grandkids toys, we thought something they could all play with might be a good idea. Hunting down all the cat toys before the grandkids come over so we can keep them out of reach is a little time consuming. He gets upset with us for it, too. I’m interested to see how upset he’s going to get when the grandkids play with “his” toys.

So we looked for something that he might like that would also be safe for babies and toddlers. Here’s what we came up with…


He’s played with the little gray kitty that rolls around a few times. He plays with it more in the kitchen where it’s easier to push and spin around on the linoleum, but the bell-in-a-ball-in-a-ball (it’s a jingle bell inside a ball inside another ball) he went nuts for. It’s like a cat toy, but inside another larger ball so the grandkids can’t stick it in their mouths. He chases that thing around the house like it’s full fish rolled in catnip.

We have to watch our feet when he’s playing with the ball because he has no regard for toes, feet or even running into legs. I still haven’t seen him take it up the stairs. He pushes it down, but I’d love to see him carry it up sometime.

This is the best picture I could get of Mister Underfoot and his new favorite toy. Looks almost scary, doesn’t he?

Mister Underfoot's New Favorite Toy


Sep 052016

Poor Alistair squeezed his little eyes shut when I turned up the light so I could take a couple pictures. I was quick, but he was already asleep again before I turned the light back off.

He was perfectly happy all swaddled in his blankets. He only woke up and became upset when his mommy was changing his clothes for the professional photographers to take his picture. “Leave me alone!” was very plain in cries.

I don’t know how he is now that he’s home, but in the hospital, he was a sleeper like his mommy was.

Sep 032016

For the last couple months, I haven’t been posting as often. There are several reasons, but the biggest reason is Mirage.

Mirage is our other cat, my husband’s cat. Psycho cat is an apt description of her, but when my daughter was young we called her the clawing-biting-mass-of-silliness. It was often said through clenched teeth in order to keep from saying bad words in front of our young daughter. Thankfully, she’s calmed down with age, but she’s developed some other quirks that are driving me up the wall. 

There are a billion stories about her insane antics, some quite humorous, but I’ll stick to the matter at hand.

Mirage has been waking me up almost every day after only a few hours of sleep. She stands in the bedroom, on my side of the bed, yowling loudly and when I get up to see what’s wrong, she just wanders off. If I go back to bed, she starts in again just as I’m starting to doze off.

I tried to just ignore her, but she never stopped. I tried telling her to stuff it, but she didn’t listen. And I can’t close the bedroom door because Mister Underfoot would have a cow. We’d hear it through the door anyway. Well, I would. The hubby doesn’t always wake up to her yowling.

At first, the yowling was the only thing I noticed because I was half asleep but after a few weeks, I noticed that every time I got up she’d be standing there with a toy mouse in front of her feet. If I pretended to be asleep, she’d pick up the mouse, toss it around, then drop it and start yowling again. So, I tried playing with her. She looked at me like I was insane and walked away only to return and start yowling again as I was drifting back to sleep.

She doesn’t play anymore, so seeing her tossing the mouse around is cute and a little weird. And it’s always the same mouse. Here’s the culprit:

Mirage's Mouse

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but the mouse is gray and black like Mister Underfoot. We have other mice just like this one save the color and she never touches them.

Since it’s never any other mouse and it’s the only thing I’ve seen her play with in years, I didn’t want to take it away from her. I took to hiding it before we went to bed and that worked for about a week. I kept waking up anyway because my body was used to waking up after just a couple of hours. I didn’t put the mouse anywhere she couldn’t get to it and eventually she found my hiding place under Mister Underfoot’s blanket. I’m not sure if she actually found it or if Mister Underfoot uncovered it for her. I’m thinking the latter. Either way, the whole thing started all over again.

Now, she carries the mouse around even when we’re not asleep. She carries it to me and drops it at my feet, but if I try to play with her, she still just wanders away. She only yowls when we’re asleep, which means I’m not going totally crazy, but I’m not sure what to do. Every time I hide it, one of the two of them finds it and I still don’t want to take it away from her completely. If I put it somewhere they can’t get to it, I’m afraid I’ll forget to get it back out for her. She has some sort of attachment to this one mouse that I don’t understand, but the yowling has got to stop. I’m tired!

Any suggestions? Take it away from her and set an alarm on the phone reminding me to give it back to her? Let her keep it and put up with it since she’s so attached to it? Buy a hundred of them so maybe she’ll get confused or tired of it?


Aug 242016

At 2:17 this morning, I became a grandma for the second time!

Alistair Michael was 8 pounds 2 ounces and so quiet, unlike his opera singer big brother, Zander.

Welcome to the world Alistair!

Ok, now I’m officially old?  😛


Jul 042016

It has been some time since I set off fireworks on the 4th. Most of the time I sit outside and watch the fireworks the neighbors set off. I can look in any direction and see brilliant light shows I would have missed if I was setting off my own. My neighbors explode the good stuff.

Hopefully, when my grandson gets older, we’ll set off our own again. I remember the 4th when I was a kid and how much I enjoyed setting off fireworks and I remember how much my daughter loved it when she was young.

Until then, I’ll keep watching my neighbor’s celebration efforts and cringe when I hear something hit the roof.


Jun 102016

Today is my hubby’s birthday! I always have a long list of things I wish I could get him. Mostly geeky things that are expensive or things that he doesn’t really need, but are fun to think about. Here are a few of the things I wish I could get him.

It’s the thought that counts, right?

Of course, most of these come from our favorite place to window-shop… Think Geek!


Although we haven’t played World of Warcraft in years, I still think he’d love this robe.

Get yourself this Tier-2 Rogue Bloodfang Armor robe IRL without having to slog through another 40-man raid to transmog your gear.

Source: World of Warcraft Bloodfang Rogue Robe | ThinkGeek


Of course, he needs something special to drink from while we watch Game of Thrones!

You don’t have to know the story behind this Game of Thrones goblet to be impressed by it. With a resin stem shaped like a dragon’s claws and a glass bowl, this chalice is perfect for hosting parties or for a quiet dinner alone pondering the fate

Source: Game of Thrones Dragonclaw Goblet Replica | ThinkGeek


A zombie bowl for eating brains and bowels!

Zombies have been eating things out of our heads for years. Time to turn the tables. Finally, a bowl that looks like a zombie head we can eat out of!

Source: Zombie Bowl | ThinkGeek


He has several pairs of BBQ tongs, so he doesn’t really need these, but… but… lightsaber!

Wield your own Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs. Modelled on Darth Vader’s lightsaber, these almost 2 ft. long tongs have a heat-resistant plastic handle. A button on the side provides classic sound effects you’ll flip (burgers) for.

Source: Star Wars BBQ Tongs | ThinkGeek


He doesn’t need another backpack, but he DOES need a Backpack of Holding! Right?

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Backpack of Holding is an inch or two bigger all directions than your typical JanSport-style backpack. The top flap is part of the bag, which means you can unfold it to get another half a foot of height out of it.

Source: Backpack of Holding | ThinkGeek


Tangle-resistant, chainsaw-proof charging cable? I think we both need these!

A Titan cable is distinctive and attractive. The steel wrapping makes the cord durable, tangle-resistant, and totally unique. How durable? They took a chainsaw to it. It stopped the chainsaw.

Source: Titan – The Chainsaw-Proof Charging Cable | ThinkGeek


Maybe this would be better for his drink during Game of Thrones. He could look at the map while watching.

This hefty stein is ready to hold all your favorite beverages. At the same time, it will proudly proclaim you are a lover of Westeros. Or, at least, that you know what Westeros is!

Source: Game of Thrones 20oz Map Stein | ThinkGeek


Or he could have both the dragon claw and the map with a blanket map!

With one side of this blanket you can plan your invasion; the other side is plain black for when you want to look innocent or have your decor look slightly less geeky.

Source: Game of Thrones Map of Westeros Fleece Blanket | ThinkGeek


He’s always wanted a flux capacitor.

Owning this watch is your density.

Source: Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch | ThinkGeek


For in front of his desk?

It was your faithful companion, but it could not accompany you for the rest of the test. They told you it would rather die in a fire than become a burden. Like the cake, it was a lie. Do the right thing and adopt another.

Source: Portal 2 Companion Cube Rug | ThinkGeek


I keep the house pretty cold in the winter to save on heating bills. We have warm clothes, hoodies and blankets to keep us warm, but with this blanket robe, he’d be toasty!

This Jedi Sleeved Blanket allows you to choose to curl up on the couch or stage a lightsaber duel in your living room (it has two pockets for convenient hilt storage).

Source: Exclusive Star Wars Jedi Robe Sleeved Blanket | ThinkGeek


Because his desk needs protecting? No… just because.

Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies (or coworkers) with your very own turret. When it detects movement, the wings open and it will announce the acquisition of a target, which is enough to send anyone running away from your desk at top speed.

Source: Portal 2 Sentry Turret USB Desk Defender | ThinkGeek


Yep, my hubby is a browncoat…

You know what we think? You need this coat. You know how we know? Because you are So Very Pretty. You are just too pretty to go without this coat for one more day.

Source: Firefly Brown Coat Replica | ThinkGeek


Why did I post this? Well, we tend to buy each other more practical things and we don’t buy things we already have just because it’s themed, but it’s fun to look. I tend to have wishlists of things that I want to buy other people, the people that are easy to buy for anyway, and thought it might be fun to share one.

May 092016

Happy Birthday, Zander!

I can’t believe he’s already two years old! Time passes even faster when you’re a grandparent. I didn’t think it was possible.

It’s not like I wasn’t warned. I know. Shhh… let me have my delusions.

I swear it was just yesterday that he was this little…

Crazy Hair!


And now he’s this big…


Someone invent a machine to stop time already!

And a teleporter while you’re at it. Pwease?

May 082016

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. I wish you a relaxing day filled with adulation, food you didn’t have to cook and lovely handmade presents from grateful kids.

Or maybe just the relaxation, a hot, quiet bath and lots of wine.

Whatever your heart desires today… 


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