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May 092015

Zander turned 1 today!

Apr 022015


Mar 312015

The after bath, crazy hair photo shoot!

Zander’s not feeling well. He picked up some nasty bug that’s going around. Since I’m sick too, with something different oddly enough, I decided to post a few pics while I’m banished to the basement. Being banished to the basement isn’t so bad. I got to play around with pictures!

Nov 272014

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Nov 192014

Be forewarned, this story is on the risque side.

About 15 years ago or so, I was wandering around a major department store looking for some last minute Christmas presents for my daughter when I heard two people speaking very loudly from a few isles over.

“Where’s the KY?” a female voice asked.

“What’s KY?” a male voice almost shouted.

“It’s that jelly stuff. You know what it is.”

“What do you need that for?”

I couldn’t hear the response and I was in a hurry, so I went about my business. A few minutes later, I heard the voices again a few isles away.

“Well, our sex life would be better if you were more kinky.” The female sounded annoyed.

“I’m not wearing those leather pants! They chafe!”

Their conversation kept getting louder and more direct. I heard complaints about size, sagging and the last time they tried some toys I won’t mention. I saw people heading in their direction and people with kids moving quickly away from them. Laughter erupted from nearby, but the sex talkers didn’t seem to notice. I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to see these people shouting about their sex life in the middle of a store.

When I found the isle all the commotion was coming from, there were people standing on both sides of the isle. Some were pretending to look at items on the shelf and others were whispering to each other and giggling or outright laughing. In the middle of it all was an elderly couple, completely oblivious to the scene they were causing.

The man was using a walker to get around. The woman looked like the sweet old grandma that everyone loves to visit and always has cookies. Her silver hair was piled in a large bun atop her head and her dress looked freshly pressed. Not at all the image I expected to see when I rounded the corner.

My first thought was, “Go Grandma and Grandpa!”

Someone approached them and spoke to them. I assumed that she explained how loud they were being because their loud conversation stopped after that. I saw the man fiddle with his ear. I have a feeling he turned his hearing aid up. You’d think they would be rattled and possibly even leave the store, but they seemed unphased and went back to their shopping albeit more quietly.

I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day.

Now, whenever the holiday crowds get me down, I remember these two and smile. They made Christmas shopping every year a little more enjoyable.

Weekly Writing Challenge – Overheard

I tried to find the original story I posted years ago about this incident, but it has apparently been lost to the internet ether. I’ve forgotten most of what they said, but that’s just as well. The details were never important.

Nov 142014

My daughter’s graduation 2011

Hubby's Blanket
The first blanket I finished


Smoky Diamond and Gun Metal Flat Spiral Bracelet
The first bracelet I finished


Books my words have appeared in

Weekly Photo Challenge – Achievement

Nov 132014

I’m using Write or Die to time this for me. Today’s Daily Prompt was 10 minutes of free writing, so we’ll see what happens. No plans, just typing whatever comes into my head.

I’ve been working hard at NaNo this year. I’m trying to push myself beyond 50,000 words and I’m still on track to at least finish the 50k, so I’m free like I’m doing well so far.

I haven’t had time to work on any new crochet or jewelry projects since I started NaNo. I have a shawl I’m dying to make and I have beads that are dying to be used. I’m anxious to get back to work on other hobbies, but I’m enjoying this time with just my writing. I’m not good at balancing things, so I often wind up working on one thing at a time. I wish I could manage to do all three in one day and get everything else done.

Mister Underfoot has been driving me crazy, but he’s so adorable it’s difficult to be upset. He won’t let me read. He pushes the book out of my hand and covers the entire thing with his body. When I’m writing, he tries to get between me and the keyboard. When I cook, he plants himself in the middle of the floor for me to trip over.

I got to see my grandson again last night. He’s getting so big! There’s nothing as precious as seeing the smile on his face.

So far the laptop is hanging in there!

I’m starting to feel guilty spending so much time writing on my husband’s days off. He had vacation for the first week of November, he always takes off over our anniversary, and his weekend is Wed and Thurs. It gives him an excuse to play games though, so I don’t think he’s too upset.

The Daily Post – Ready, Set, Done!

Our ten-minute free-write is back for another round! Tap away on whatever comes to mind, no filters attached. (Feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).

I opted not to edit.

Nov 112014
Image from PhotoXpress

Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving without my mother’s pumpkin pie. Pie is not usually my first choice in a dessert. It’s not the pie itself, but I’m very picky about the crust. My mother’s crust is perfect. It’s flaky with actual flavor that seems lacking in so many pie crusts. When the pie crust tastes the same as crust of a pot pie, I have a hard time enjoying it no matter what the filling.

Then, there’s the pumpkin. The spices are perfectly balanced; not too much, not too little. When the pumpkin pie has too little spice, I feel cheated and pout like a child who was promised heavy cream ice cream and got skim milk ice milk instead. I like ice milk, but it’s just not the same.

Now my mother says that she just follows the recipe, but there’s some kind of magic going on there that I just can’t duplicate. There’s something about walking into my parents house over the holidays and seeing that perfect pumpkin pie just waiting to be cut up and devoured that makes my mouth water with anticipation. I think all the yummy smells of the holiday meal cooking have something to do with that, but the pumpkin pie whispers my name, I swear it!

Here’s my pumpkin pie recipe: Traditional Pumpkin Pie but my mom’s is better!

Weekly Writing Challenge – Pie

Nov 102014

Two days ago, I was taking a break from writing while looking up something on YouTube when the monitor on my laptop turned black at the edges and blocks of color started moving around the screen. The sound started stuttering and this deep voice blared out of the speakers. “What… what… a-a-are… youyouyou…” I have no idea what could have been playing to cause those words, I’m guessing it was an ad before whatever it was I loaded, but it was freaky!


The laptop was unresponsive for several minutes. Not even the power button worked. It finally rebooted and I tried to figure out what happened, but I couldn’t duplicate the problem.

Thanks to Scrivener, I didn’t lose anything. I hadn’t saved in some time, but Scrivener saved my butt.

So, I was typing along yesterday, listening to Midnight Syndicate and hammering out the words when my laptop started looping the last sound and froze. Not even threatening it helped.


Yes, I morphed into a male with a gun this time. I’m glad my husband wasn’t home because he might have had a heart attack.

I lost some words this time, but not as many as I could have. Probably a few hundred at most.

Between having issues turning my laptop on, I have to keep moving the position of the monitor until it’s in some arbitrary perfect spot, and this new issue with what seems to be my sound card, my laptop appears to be dying.

For now I’m staying away from FaceBook on the laptop thanks to the auto-loading videos, YouTube and sound at all for that matter, but the ease of working anywhere trumps the possibility of losing words.

Throwing caution to the wind! I hope I don’t regret it!

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