Mar 272016

I love it when spring dumps snow on top of my early flowering tree in the front yard. I feel bad for my neighbor and all the work she’s already put into her garden, but I can’t help but admire the pretty pinkish-purplish flowers covered in fluffy white. I just try not to let her see my glee.

I tried taking a few pictures before dawn, but they didn’t turn out like I hoped. I posted one anyway, but I hope to have a camera that functions better in darkness someday.

Nov 292015

Progression of a picture

My father took this picture of a field of sunflowers near my parents farm. I always loved this picture, but the sky was very boring and the colors were muted, so I decided to try to fix it.

Sunflower Field Original

I added a blue sky from another picture. I would have posted that picture as well, but I can’t remember which one I used. I also intensified the color of the sunflowers some, but not so much that it took on a fake look.

Sunflower Field Color & Sky Edit

Snowbell is a very energetic kitty and taking pictures of her was actually more difficult than editing the pictures themselves. I chased her all over the house with the camera. When she wasn’t running away from me or turning away from the camera, she was trying to get me to pay attention to her by rubbing up against the camera almost knocking it out of my hands. While she was in front of the window, she finally stood still for me long enough to take a couple of pictures.

Needless to say, I have a lot of pictures of a cat tail in case I ever need them for something. Not sure why I kept them.

Snowbell Original Photo

This is the finished product. I removed the screen from behind Snowbell to replace it with the sunflowers. I also made Snowbell a little brighter. She is a very white cat, which I didn’t think came across in the original picture. I thought about adding the screen back in, but I couldn’t get it to look right.  The perspective is off and it’s not wonderful, but I learned a lot about the process. I’m hoping to get better with time and practice.

Snowbell Sunflowers

The finished product appeared in a calendar all about Snowbell for the month of August.

Reposted for the Weekly Photo Challenge – Transition

Nov 202015

The Watering Hole - Eastern Kansas

This picture was taken somewhere in Eastern Kansas while we were driving through to Missouri. I wish I knew exactly where we were, but I wasn’t paying attention to our exact location.

I’m not sure what it is about this picture that keeps me coming back to it. Every time I learn new tips and tricks in editing, I re-edit this picture, trying to make it better. This pass, I deepened the greens and tried to bring out more variation in the landscape. I was hoping to add more depth to the picture. I also darkened the sky. It was so bright it overshadowed the rest of the scene.

I don’t think I’ll ever be completely happy with it and that’s not a bad thing. 

Nov 132015

I’m going to try one more post for the Weekly Photo Challenge at The Daily Post. Pingbacks still aren’t working correctly for me, but I’m going to give it one more shot anyway.

While we were in New Orleans, we visited Saint Louis Cemetery Number One and I found this ornate fence around one of the tombs. It was actually a little difficult to get a picture of. The sun was bright and bounced off the silver of the fence. I think it lost some detail with all the light play. The design is interesting and I think it would have been prettier as an iron fence. The glaring silver drove the ornate feel over the top. 

Ornate Silver Fence - Saint Louis Cemetery Number One - New Orleans, LouisianaOrnate Silver Fence – Saint Louis Cemetery Number One – New Orleans, Louisiana

Ornate Fence Closeup - Saint Louis Cemetery Number One - New Orleans, LouisianaOrnate Fence Closeup – Saint Louis Cemetery Number One – New Orleans, Louisiana

Nov 122015

A couple years ago, I posted about the snail invasion that happens every time it rains at our house.  When we first moved in, the entire house and sidewalk would be covered in snails after it rained. Over the years, the snails have become more and more scarce.  While I don’t miss the smell of decaying snails, I do miss watching the fascinating creatures. 

Since they started disappearing, I started taking pictures, when I remember. I found this little guy on the stairs out back and rescued him from being stepped on after taking a picture of him.


The snail from 2013 was much darker. The red in his shell was pretty. I looked for the empty shell after rains stopped, but I never found it. I only found shells like the one above.

Snail Invasion

I’m hoping to remember to take pictures more than every two years before they disappear completely.

Nov 082015

Fire and snow are two of my favorite photography subjects just behind my grandson and Mister Underfoot. Now that we have a fire pit, which was given to my husband for his birthday by two awesome people, I’m hoping to get both subjects in one shot.

I’ve posted several snow/winter pictures, so I thought I’d add some fire to the mix. I love the purple color to the coals in the first picture. Not sure why silver maple tree wood looked purple, but it was very pretty.

fire20141031 Purple Coals – October 31, 2014

fire20151028Dancing Flames – October 28, 2015

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