Jul 262013

This hand woven flat spiral bracelet and earring set was created using teal crystal rondelle beads embellished with crystal-teal crystal rounds and june bug seed beads on strong fireline. The rondelles make a tighter weave and reinforce the base teal color of the piece while the crystal-teal rounds add a brighter, but more subtle sparkle.

The twisted toggle clasp is fashionable and easier to fasten than most locking clasps.

Teal Faceted Rondelle Flat Spiral Bracelet and Earring Set


Sold by Countrysidewalk.com

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May 192013

This amethyst and smoky quartz flat spiral bracelet was created with amethyst rounds embellished with smoky quartz and purple pearled seed beads. Varied coloration in the amethyst and quartz stones make this piece particularly interesting. The toggle clasp is not only fashionable, but easier to fasten than most locking clasps. Made with strong Fireline so the heavy gemstone beads are more secure.

Amethyst and Smoky Quartz Flat Spiral Bracelet

Amethyst and Smoky Quartz Flat Spiral Bracelet

This bracelet has been sold, but you can check out similar designs at Countrysidewalk.com

May 152013

Smoky diamond crystals and gunmetal seed beads make this understated flat spiral bracelet sparkle. This is the first design I made two years ago when I started making jewelry. I still love the flat spiral and have made quite a few of them, too many to keep. Countrysidewalk has generously taken in my orphan bracelets so they can find homes. All new and handmade by a jewelry making addict.

Smoky Diamond and Gun Metal Flat Spiral BraceletMade with Czech Crystals and Delica seed beads on strong Fireline with a gunmetal colored toggle clasp. The smoky or gray neutral colors were made to match most outfits, but still stand out. The overall length is 6 3/4″ for smaller wrists (smaller than mine anyway).

This is a duplicate of the original bracelet I made for myself.

Sold by Countrysidewalk.com

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