Jun 152016

Sometimes you just need a little push to get started or continue a work in progress. Generators can come in handy to give you some needed inspiration or just to challenge yourself with something random.

I’m often at a loss for topics to post on my blog. I pour myself into writing fiction and there’s little left over for the blog, so I use generators to come up with ideas. Sometimes. Sometimes I forget to post at all. Generators inspire story and character ideas as well even if I don’t use the exact prompt.

Here are a few generators I frequent…

Daily Writing/Blogging and Photo Prompts from The Daily Posthttps://dailypost.wordpress.com/
Example – (Writing Prompt for May 28, 2016) Epitome – Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Writing Prompt Generator from Seventh Sanctumhttp://www.seventhsanctum.com/generate.php?Genname=writeprompt
ExampleIf you don’t know about the starship, then it is too late.
This is a great prompt for a friend of mine. Considering sending it to him and seeing what he does with it.

Genre, Plot, Story, Character, Wardrobe, Name, Setting and more random generators from Springholehttp://www.springhole.net/writing_roleplaying_randomators/index.html
Example from the Creepypasta & Supernatural Horror Story Prompt Generator – At midnight, a lost woman and an insane witch want to transform an eldritch abomination into a disturbing television set.
Someone write this please. I really want to read it!

Daily Writing Prompt Generator from Always Writehttp://corbettharrison.com/writers_notebooks.html#topics
ExampleWas the dishonestly worth it? Write about faking an illness in order to get out of doing something.
Confession time. Almost everyone has done this, right?

Idea Generator from Story Starterhttp://www.thestorystarter.com/
ExampleThe soft-spoken waiter made a video in the barn four days ago to solve the mystery.

Daily Writing Prompt Generator from Language is a Virushttp://www.languageisavirus.com/writing_prompts.html
ExampleDescribe ways in which your character does or doesn’t show dependability.
I think I’m going to do this one. Could be helpful.

Writing/Blogging Prompts from Daydreaming on Paperhttp://www.daydreamingonpaper.com/random.html
ExampleWhat gives you the warm fuzzies? Could also be, “What gives your character the warm fuzzies?”
For me? Kittens. Definitely kittens.

Have a generator you use that isn’t on the list? Let me know!

May 142008

I’ve been sick for the past few days. I’m starting to feel a bit more human instead of a slobbering zombie, so I figured I’d do a little catching up on the tons of things piling up around here.

Sunday we went out the rents for Mother’s Day. My mom liked the mauve and purple African daisies I got for her. We also found out more about what happened to the kittens. After talking to the humane society, they found out that it wasn’t a kidney infection that the mother got, it was distemper. With the help of antibiotics, the mother was able to survive it. However, as soon as she started feeling better, she started feeding her kittens again and gave it to her kittens. The kittens didn’t survive.

The mother was dropped off at my parents farm not long before she got pregnant.  My parents had decided to keep her and were planning on getting her shots and getting her spayed, then she wound up pregnant.  The whole thing is just sad, but I’m glad they were able to save the mother.

We’re still working on the website for the business, which has brought everything else to a halt.  Hitting a few brick walls that we have to scale and it’s going to take a long time to get everything up and running, but we’re getting there.  It will be a huge load off both my shoulders and my time constraints once it’s all up and running.

I haven’t ordered my podcasting gear yet.  Soon!  I know there are a couple of people out there anxious for me to get all this started and I’m working on it… I promise!  🙂  I have a lot of behind the stuff to do as well before I’m ready to podcast… lots of editing that I’ve had to put off until the business website is done.

This has been a crazy week already and it’s only half over.  Tomorrow… the kiddo gets her braces off!  Woohoo!  She can’t wait to eat a bagel, chew gum, and eat peanuts again.  I even bought bagels for the occasion.

Next time… Tater Brain and Tater Tot!  The story behind the names.

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May 082008

My parents woke up this morning and found another kitten in the same condition as the first.  It cried and cried until my mother held it on its back against her chest.  Both were blind where they hadn’t been before.  The vet thinks it’s possibly something hereditary, so the first kitten probably wasn’t injured in the storm.  I’ve never seen anything like it unless it was an injury. 

I first suspected the mother after the problems we had last year with one of our cats trying to kill one of her kittens, but I really don’t think it could be her.  They’re awfully big for her mouth.  For her to do that kind of damage, I would imagine there would have been marks on the kittens neck.

There are two kittens left now.  It’s possible they will all have to be put to sleep.


They were so cute.  🙁

May 072008

This cute little kitten was hurt in last nights storm.  The storm was so bad at my parents that stuff was blown all over the place.  The trash can was blown in front of the door, a heavy wooden board was picked up by the wind and flung across the yard, among countless other things.  We live about 30 miles north of my parents.  While it was windy here and the rain was coming down so hard and fast it was coming in our back door, I don’t think it was quite as bad here.

Cute kitten

It’s impossible to guess what actually happened, but the kitten was fine yesterday, then today she just laid there.  She had extensive head and neck damage and the Vet gave her a very low chance to live, so they had her put to sleep.

Poor girl.  🙁  She had a cute personality and was one of four kittens my parents have been taken care of.  Their mother got a kidney infection not long after she had them, so she wasn’t up to mothering for quite awhile.  Her infection was so bad that they had to take her back to the vet twice.  The first round of antibiotics just wasn’t doing it for her.  She finally started eating again just a couple of days ago.

Seems like it’s one thing after another in kitty world.  Last year, it was our cats and this year it’s theirs.

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