Nov 032010

I’m at 5213 words so far, so I’m right on task. I’m working on getting ahead over the next few days. There will be several days around the holidays that I doubt I’m going to be able to write much, so I’m trying for a decent cushion here at the beginning.

I turned my Twitter updates back to daily since I won’t be posting as often, but might be tweeting a bit more. Last year, updating the blog with tweets during NaNo seemed to work pretty well.

Everything else is on hold for now. If you’re participating in NaNo, I’m Kryson if you’d like to buddy me. Write like the wind everyone and see you at the finish line!

Oct 282010

NaNoWriMo challenges participants to write 50,000 words during the month of November. This can seem like a daunting and time consuming task and when you have a house to run as well, it can seem almost impossible. With some preparation, you can make November run more smoothly.

I’ve looked at quite a few prep lists for NaNo and noticed that mine was a little different. I decided to share it in hopes it might help someone else. I know this is a little late. I’ll try to repost the revised version of this list a little earlier next year.

Plan all meals for the month of November. Make sure to keep #2 and #3 in mind while making your November menu and consider doing a search for quick meal ideas. I’ll try to post a few of my favorites during NaNo.

Freeze leftovers for easy meals in November. My Food Saver is one of my best friends all year round, but it’s particularly helpful for stocking up meals for November.

Dust off that crockpot. Your crockpot can be a time saver and is for more than just making roast. You can find a ton of crockpot recipes online and I’ll try to post a few of my favorites during NaNo.

Detail clean the house. I have spring-cleaning and then NaNo cleaning. If the house is freshly detailed, those quick room cleanups go even faster. Besides, a super clean house can make you feel more comfortable with putting things off for a day or two longer so you have more time to write.

Schedule blog posts. If you have a blog, write a few blog posts in October and schedule them to post in November to squeeze out a little more writing time.

Jot down notes or make an outline. While there are many people that can sit down to a blank screen and just start typing, I’m not always one of them. Faced with a deadline, I feel more comfortable with some kind of direction in mind.

Do any research needed ahead of time. Frantically researching while trying to finish NaNo can be a word count killer.

Fill out your calendar with appointments and obligations. Make note of these. What days are you not going to be able to write? If there are five days in November that you cannot see a way to fit writing in for whatever reason, adjust your daily word count accordingly and aim for that.

Let your friends and family know what you’re doing. They might scoff, but knowing ahead of time can ward off an explanation later. Listening to the scoffing while you’re doing NaNo not only takes time away from writing but could also damage your flow with negativity and drama you don’t need.

Make a playlist. A playlist of music that fits your genre or in some way fosters your creativity can help drown distraction and get you in the mood to write. Use headphones for best results.

For those of you participating this year, write like the wind! I’d love to hear/read how you’re doing so feel free to comment on a post or drop me an email.

Nov 292009

I just finished NanoWriMo 2009. Yea! There were times I wondered if I’d make it, but I did with time to spare! I’ve been trying to think of ways to reward myself, but I honestly think I’m just going to take a day off and play a game or something. Better idea… get away from the computer for a day and read. I have a book I started ages ago that I’m still not done with and a stack of books on my desk screaming at me to pick them up and dive in. It made finishing Nano tough with all the screaming…

Sorry everything has been Twitter updates for the entire month, but I was hoping the Tweets would tell the tale of Nano and the busy, crazy month November turned out to be.

So what’s next? I haven’t decided yet. I have a new project I’ve been burning to get started on for a couple of weeks now. I have several people expecting me to podcast after this Nano, which means lots of editing and rewriting of my Nano project. I have other obligations I need to catch up on as well.

I’m going to take a day off and start in on the blog again next week. I plan on writing more about Nano this year, what it did for me, and what the future holds. I have several other projects I’m hoping to launch very soon as well, so I’ll be keeping busy.

I’d like to thank @Mornaric and @greyfane for the support during Nano. Both have been long time friends and I’m glad they joined me in the craziness.

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