Mar 272016

I love it when spring dumps snow on top of my early flowering tree in the front yard. I feel bad for my neighbor and all the work she’s already put into her garden, but I can’t help but admire the pretty pinkish-purplish flowers covered in fluffy white. I just try not to let her see my glee.

I tried taking a few pictures before dawn, but they didn’t turn out like I hoped. I posted one anyway, but I hope to have a camera that functions better in darkness someday.

Mar 312015

The after bath, crazy hair photo shoot!

Zander’s not feeling well. He picked up some nasty bug that’s going around. Since I’m sick too, with something different oddly enough, I decided to post a few pics while I’m banished to the basement. Being banished to the basement isn’t so bad. I got to play around with pictures!

Nov 242014


Windows in the French Quarter at night.


Different angular tombs in St. Louis Cemetery #1.


Pyramid tomb in St. Louis Cemetery #1.


Tomb roofs in St. Louis Cemetery #1.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Angular

Jun 082014

The kids spent a little over a week with us at the end of May into June. I had planned to take a ton of pictures while they were here, but I completely forgot until the last couple of days. I did wind up with a few pictures though.

May 092014

At 5:17am this morning an 8lb 8oz bundle of cuteness with lungs like an opera singer was born. I am now officially old… I mean I am now a grandmother!

Welcome to the world Zander Tristan!

Sorry for the icky cell phone pics. I forgot my camera.

Jan 062014

Here are the squirrels I said I would post back in November. Oops. Better late than never right?

These were taken at a great distance and they aren’t very good.  The squirrels are getting more and more bold all the time, so hopefully I’ll be able to coax them in for close-ups this year.

Nov 242013

Are you good at what you do? What would you like to be better at.

The short answer is, I’d like to be better at everything I do. There’s always room for improvement and I always try to do better… well, usually. However, I can’t say that confidence is something I have in most things I do.

I think the only thing I really have confidence in is my cooking. I’m not the greatest cook and I’m not the worst, but my husband’s pregnant belly is visual proof of how much he likes my cooking. That’s what matters to me. I can make things that are edible! Yea!

My hubby keeps saying he’s having twins, but this is the longest gestation period I’ve ever seen.

I want to improve my writing, which means I need to actually write a lot more than I have been, but I have a burning desire to figure out why I’m such a horrid photographer. I can take pictures outside all day long and have them turn out decent to pretty good, but inside is another story. It’s like someone dropped a yellowish-orangish filter on the lens while I wasn’t looking. It doesn’t matter how much light I try to let in or how many lights I turn on, when I try to take a picture of something it looks awful.

Now this is an extreme example, but take this bracelet for instance:

Black and Gold Square Stitch Bracelet

I can only make it a little better with editing.

Black and Gold Square Stitch Bracelet

It’s something I’m working on and I hope I figure out what I can do to fix it soon. I don’t really want to freeze to death trying to take pictures of the things I’ve made as Christmas presents before they’re wrapped. I’m not smart enough (I just didn’t think about it until just now) to take pictures when I finish something and it’s starting to get cold now, so I’d like to be able to take pictures inside.

The Daily Post – Daily Prompt

Nov 082013

One of my favorite pass-times is playing with filters in Photoshop. I don’t do it very often, but I get on a kick every once in awhile. Sometimes even pictures that don’t quite turn out (blurry, bad lighting, etc) can be turned into works of art with the application of filters. Here are a few I played around with while I was supposed to be doing something else. That’s usually the way it works. I was probably supposed to be editing pictures for someone.

Shhhh… don’t tell on me!

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