May 292016

Well, I did it. I raided my mother’s books and wound up with more Dean Koontz to read!

With the books I borrowed from my mother and the handful of books of mine I have left to read, it should be a few months before I have to raid my husband and my dad’s books.

I first heard about Twilight Eyes on Dean Koontz’s podcast and knew I had to read it. Of course, I completely forgot about it every time I bought new books. Thankfully, Mom had it or else I’d probably always forget and never read it.

Speaking of Dean Koontz’s podcast, I wish he had continued it, but if you’re a fan it’s well worth a listen. The first episode is still my favorite. Check out On Working with Editors and you’ll see what I mean. If you’re a writer, you might find it particularly amusing.

They’re out there.
Waiting. Watching. Unseen by normal eyes, but all too visible to Slim MacKenzie, a young man blessed―or cursed―by Twilight Eyes…

They’re out there

Lurking in the darkest shadows of an eerie, moonlit carnival. Feeding their twisted needs with human suffering. And fiendishly plotting the downfall of the human race…

They’re out there
But don’t scream.
They’ll hear you.

Summary from

Jun 132011

Apparently, I decided I didn’t have enough to do, so I needed a few more websites. I recently re-launched Crescent Moon Haberdashery as a blog to showcase my CafePress store. I’ve been selling products with photography, artwork, and graphic work on CafePress for years and will soon be trying my hand at Zazzle as well. Crescent Moon Haberdashery is also featuring some beautiful jewelry from Aether Designs.

My mother and I have looked for a way to share recipes and finally decided, after searching for and not finding a solution we liked, that we might as well share them with everyone. Thus, I launched Community Cookbook a few weeks ago. It’s still a work in progress, but hopefully I’ll get the bugs ironed out. I went for an actual community setting and it isn’t working quite the way I would like it to. The name might change, but Community Cookbook works for now. We have a couple of recipes up with many more to come in the future.

After I feel like I have Crescent Moon Haberdashery and Community Cookbook well underway and help Jane with The Diary of Jane, I’m going to re-launch Macabre Manor. Macabre Manor has needed a lot of work for a long time and I hate to go the blog route with it, but I don’t think I’ll ever get anything done with it if I don’t turn it into a blog. Hand editing pages is so 1990’s, right? I’m still unsure I can make it do what I want, but I’m going to try. I can never make Macabre Manor what it once was, but I can do something with it… when I figure out exactly what that is, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, this site will become my master feed as it were and my writing blog. I’ll be cross-posting things here from the other sites for the time being, except for the cooking site that is. I might make a post with recipes that have posted for the week, but I’m not going to post all the recipes both places. If cross-posting everything stops making sense or becomes too much, I’ll stop, but for now almost everything I do will still be on this blog. Why? For people who want everything but don’t want to visit tons of sites to get it.

As for the podcast, I gave up on it a long time ago. I wanted to podcast, but the more I tried the more I figured out that I didn’t really have anything to talk about. Maybe some day.

Oct 122008

Intro music by Biology – found at

Endings and beginnings…
Crescent Moon Haberdashery
Tee Morris gives fabulous ad!
New project, Almost True, starts soon.
First voice mail feedback! Thanks, Jack!
Why I don’t consider myself published…
Subscribe to 12 Volt Theater!

Outro music Sometimes Life Starts to Fall Into Place by Munk – found at

Sep 092008

I read a post the other day where someone was talking about updating 30+ blogs. I have problems finding the time to update one blog. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to try to keep up with over 30 of them. Sheesh.

Based on the last random question, I’ve decided to try podcasting a short story in the next couple of weeks. I’m not quite finished with it yet. I’m trying not to be a perfectionist about it or I’ll never be happy with it and I’ll never release it. The first one is going to be the hardest. I think it will be easier after that.

So, I’ll be launching this thing for real in a couple of weeks. No more Starting From Nothing. First will be the short story I’m working on now, then I’m going to launch into a series of short stories I’ve been working on over the years. This is all leading up to the launch of my first novel, which probably won’t happen until 2009. Unfortunately, November and December are entirely too busy for me to attempt the novel before then. I also won’t be participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I wish I could. I enjoyed myself in 2006, but I tried last year and failed miserably due to time restraints. This year is going to be worse.

Things are not all quiet on the podcasting front, but things are in flux as I switch gears. Just a couple of weeks and I’ll be doing this for real. Scary!

Jul 302008

Podpress and Podango problems
Two feedback already received – Kryson sucks!
Explanation of an author duel
Dead site Macabre Manor needs some help.
Ad for Crescent Moon Haberdashery to appear soon on MOREVI Remastered!

Intro music by Biology – found at
Outro music by A Step Behind – found at

Jul 132008

It’s not fixed. I hosted this one locally until I can fix the podpress vs podango problem.

Here’s the real first episode of Starting From Nothing.

Music from Biology at

Just a brief overview of why I decided to podcast in the first place and what is hopefully in store for the future.

Also mentioned:

Mur Lafferty

Jack Jaffee

Wingin’ It

Jul 132008

Ok, here’s the problem. I’m using podpress and podango, but the files I upload aren’t showing up at podango. I uploaded a file manually at podango instead of using podpress and podpress isn’t linking correctly to it.

It was working… and now it isn’t. Ugh. I have no idea how to fix it and searching both podango and the web hasn’t netted any help. If anyone stumbles in here that can help, please get in touch with me.

For now, I’m gonna get back to work and try again later. Sorry. 🙁

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