Mar 272016

I love it when spring dumps snow on top of my early flowering tree in the front yard. I feel bad for my neighbor and all the work she’s already put into her garden, but I can’t help but admire the pretty pinkish-purplish flowers covered in fluffy white. I just try not to let her see my glee.

I tried taking a few pictures before dawn, but they didn’t turn out like I hoped. I posted one anyway, but I hope to have a camera that functions better in darkness someday.

Nov 262013


In the words of Ray Bradbury, “Just write every day of your life…”. Your mission is to write five haikus — one for each of the five days leading up to this Friday…


Brown, red, orange, yellow
Dead leaves blanket the cold ground
Soon replaced by snow

~Lady Kryson

Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiku Catchoo!

Haiku challenge – Day 1

Nov 222013

I found an unexpected surprise one February morning. My confused lilac bush decided it was time to return to the world of green. Winter decided to teach it a lesson and covered the newly formed buds in ice and snow.

I think the lilac bush was a little surprised as well.


The first rain after we moved into our current residence, we found something rather unexpected on the sidewalks, sides of the house, and windows. Snails. Hundreds of snails. They’d disappear as soon as the water evaporated, only to return the next rain. It was like an invasion that only lasted as long as the water.

Their numbers have diminished over the years, but we still get snails every warm rain. I find them somewhat fascinating, so I enjoy the invasions. I just wish I’d had a camera to take pictures when we first moved in.


The Daily Post – Weekly Photo Challenge

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