Nov 232013

Although not terribly exciting, I do have quite a few things I enjoy doing with my playtime. Lots of big changes happening that will alter this list next year, but for now…

My husband and I enjoy playing games and watching movies together. We started off playing EverQuest, tried out Star Wars Galaxies, EverQuest II, beta tested quite a few games and finally ended up in World of Warcraft. But after so many years we found ourselves losing interest. We’re currently looking for a new game to play together, but nothing seems to fit our tastes. Might look into The Elder Scrolls Online when it comes out since we both enjoyed Skyrim. I’m the big Elder Scrolls geek though, I think. We’d rather stay away from MMOG’s, but there’s nothing else out there with the longevity of an MMO that we can play together.

Outside of spending time with the hubby, I enjoy…

Wirewrapping Practicejewel crafting,

Hubby's Blanketcrochet,

Arkansas Sunsetphotography and photo editing

Readingreading, and writing.

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Nov 122010




Screenshot or it didn’t happen!

A favorite and sometimes annoying saying most online gamers have heard at least once.

Have a story about some incredible gaming feat, ganker, or glitch?  Screenshot or it didn’t happen!

Remember, you can contact me with any customizations you’d like.

Nov 052010

Server Down

Server Down

When my server comes back up… I’m outta here!

Get back to basics with the Value T-Shirt. Enjoy a great look and fit at a reasonable price. The Value T is made of cool, midweight 100% cotton and is perfect for casual summer days.

  • Midweight 100% cotton
  • Standard fit

Remember, you can contact me with any customizations you’d like.

Jul 302010

Makes me wanna play.

Game? Write? Clean house?


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Dec 072008

Obviously, I didn’t get the podcast out and it’s looking like Jan or Feb before I’ll get a chance to get to it. This Christmas selling season has been crazy busy so far and I haven’t had time to do… well… anything. I really wanted to get this started in 2008, but there’s simply no time. Next year, I’ll make sure I do something to cover this time of the year with podcasts. Not sure what yet. I’m hoping to have a bunch banked, but if not… I’ll figure out something.

I can’t spend too much time on this update, so here are some highlights from the past couple of months along with rambling thoughts and questions:

On October 31st, my husband and I celebrated our 10th. He had to work that night, which sucked… but we’ve been married for a decade now. Seems like just yesterday…

Driving from facility to facility, I almost hit a deer taller than my car. I was only a few feet from it when the car screeched to a halt. My daughter was in the car at the time and we’re both paranoid now.

My daughter turns 16 in two days. Help me!

I have 3 random questions left. Send me more! It’s something quick and easy I can do.

Do people seem more reserved this Christmas season or is that only in my area?

Got the expansion for WoW, but I haven’t had time to play much. However, I did complete all the Death Knight quests and I have to say… incredible job Blizzard! That was the coolest set of quests I’ve ever done. More like that please! Our family plays WoW together so they make me take a break and play with them from time to time, but they’re understanding when I tell them I simply can’t.

I can’t think of anything else at the moment. I’ll try to throw more short updates up here to at least let everyone know I’m still kicking.

Now… back to paperwork!

Sep 022008

I was going to try to keep myself seperated from the business so as not to drag it down with all this “goth stuff” and horror and such, but I find it impossible to keep something that is such a large part of my life seperate from everything. So, hopefully no one will look down on my business if they happen to stumble in here and see all this.

Originally posted on Macabre Manor’s forum:

In Jan of 2007, I started my own business called Crescent Moon Haberdashery. We started selling at local shows then and in March of 2007, we started selling on The business has been growing and growing ever since. It’s been keeping me pretty busy of late.

I love photography and also in Jan of 2007, I started putting photos and art on So far, it has been supporting itself, but needs a huge update. I have tons of photos sitting here begging to be added. You can find it at if you’re interested in seeing what I’ve done so far. At some point, I’m going to be putting some of my poetry on mousepads and framed pictures as well. I’ll be crushed if they never sell, but I’m doing it anyway.

In June of 2008, we launched Crescent Moon Haberdashery’s own store at We haven’t been doing too bad considering we only launched a few months ago. We sell t-shirts, incense, greeting cards, knives (until they’re gone), and some magnets made from photos I took. I’d love to carry more of the magnets, but they aren’t selling enough to warrent bringing in more. Our biggest seller is the Life is Crap line of t-shirts.

At the moment, we’ve sent more Life is Crap shirts to New York than any other state… I wonder if that means something…

We have a few goth shirts too, which is our second best seller. I wanted to get in more goth shirts before Halloween, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. We’re going to be adding long sleeve shirts, tank tops, and hats soon, too. Don’t know where we’re going to store it all, but that’s the plan.

While I’m not the only slave to CMH, I’m the primary slave and it takes more time than I ever anticipated. I really enjoy it though. It’s nice to be the boss and not the peon for once. It’s also nice because I feel like crap more often than I feel good anymore, so I can do as little or as much as I feel I can accomplish. Most of the time, I work way too many hours anyway, but when I really feel like death warmed over, I can take it a little easy. Still have to work, but not quite as hard.

So, check out Crescent Moon Haberdashery and laugh at the shirts! They’re a lot of fun.

I go through long periods of not playing any online games, or any games at all for that matter, because I’m simply too busy. Shroud is still playing WoW and recently I’ve played some myself since things have been slowing down a bit after the back to school rush… and I needed a break… needed to have some fun for a bit. However, we’re about to start gearing up for the Christmas selling season, so I doubt I will have time to play much very soon. That and I need to run an inventory. Wheeeee!

Since I had so many friends jumping from blog site to blog site and wanting me to follow, I decided to start my own permanent blog at awhile back. None of those friends actually go to my blog, of course. It’s only stuff I can post to everyone though, so no ultra personal stuff there. I’ve found that most people don’t want to read about the drama with the insurance company on the damage claim for our house, problems with bank screw ups, and family drama anyway.

I started a podcast on as well. I’m planning on podcasting my short stories for now and work my way up to podcasting the 3 novels I have in the works. I’m not sure how I’m expecting myself to free up the time, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do since 2005 when I found out what a podcast was. I just recently decided to stop planning it and just do it. The podcast sucks at the moment, but I’m hoping it will get better as I get more practice at it. If not… well, it’s something that takes me away from working for awhile. I’m only interested in having some fun, making some friends, and sharing two of my hobbies with others (writing and now… podcasting).

Shroud changed jobs and is working 3rd shift now. It’s an adjustment and difficult for him to find the balance between sleeping and getting things done that he needs to do, but I’m sure he’ll figure it out soon… probably about the time they move him to another shift. He’s enjoying the new job though, which is the important part. I’m hoping he’ll become a trainer there at some point. He’s so patient and so good at teaching, I think he’d really enjoy it. I tried to talk him into being a teacher at one point, but with the way our school system is now, I don’t blame him for not wanting to. I still think he’d make an awesome teacher though.

Speaking of the school system, Sara is still making incredible grades and is becoming more active in school. She’s going to be in a musical this fall. Fiddler on the Roof! She has a bit tougher classes this time around, so we’ll see if she maintains her excellent grades. Traditional Chinese is probably her hardest class. In December she turns 16. Pick your jaw up off the floor! Time flies.

My mother always told me that kids grow up before you can blink and I never believed her until now. When I was a kid, time seemed to pass so slowly and now… I blinked and 10 years just flew by. Makes me wonder if tomorrow I’ll be in a wheelchair watching my grandkids graduate from high school. Yeah Sara… I know… you’re not going to have kids! Remember, I said that, too.

Sara’s got a boyfriend I absolutely hate. Just kidding. Did ya have a heartattack there, Sara? He’s actually a pretty nice kid. Pretty typical “indestructible” male teenager. As a matter of fact, the song Indestructible by Disturbed is her ringtone for him. He asked me, through her, what I thought about him one day and I told her to tell him that I don’t really know him very well, but I thought he was a pretty nice guy… and the best guy she’s gone out with so far. It’s funny though… she asked him what he thought of me and I guess he’s never given her a straight answer. Understandable though. I mean, most of her friends like me, but only her boyfriend has to put up with how strict I am.

Sadly for Sara, Shroud and I are some of the strictest parents. I just can’t understand parents that let their kids run wild. So many kids Sara knows just flat scare me with all the things they do and are allowed to do… or rather the parents never know because they don’t take an interest in their kids. I just couldn’t do that. At least Sara seems to understand that I care and that’s why she can’t do all the thing these kids do. She’s a lot like I was as a teen… I understood why my parents didn’t let me do things, but that didn’t mean I had to like it.

I haven’t actually written much of anything in years, but I’m slowly changing that. I need to have something to actually podcast after all. I’m hoping that eventually, people will want to play in my world and write for the podcast as well, but every time I’ve tried to get community activity going, it hasn’t actually happened. I’m hoping this time will be different, but if it isn’t… well… people will just have to listen to my rusty butt try to put something out there worth listening to. I’ve already had one person say I suck and I haven’t even podcasted any fiction yet! LOL!

I’m thinking about taking a few of the pieces of story I wrote for the round robins we did years ago and turn it into something else as well. Like the whole scene with Mordin in the virtual garden… I’m thinking about turning that into a sci-fi stand alone story… pulling all of the fanfic out of it and doing something completely different with it. There are a couple of others as well. I toyed with posting the pieces I wrote on my blog, but I didn’t think anyone would really be interested in reading bits and pieces of stories. I haven’t posted any poetry there either. I’ve posted it so many places it feel like beating a dead horse, ya know?

Man I miss those round robins.

So… that’s what we’ve been up to. How about you? What have you been up to?

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